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The Golden Triangle Cities
The Golden Triangle Cities

An Underground Basilica
An Underground Basilica

Heavenly Jiuzhai Valley
Heavenly Jiuzhai Valley

CCTV Headquarters from an Architectural Dream to Reality
CCTV Headquarters
from an Architectural Dream
to Reality

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JURUTERA Magazines


• "The Golden Triangle Cities"
   - May 2008

• "A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem"
   - August 2008

• "An Underground Basilica"
   - September 2009

• "The Brooklyn Bridge"
   - July 2010

• "Heavenly Jiuzhai Valley"
   - November 2010

• "An Iconic Bridge in Kuala Terengganu"
   - July 2011

• "CCTV Headquarters from an Architectural Dream to Reality"
   - November 2011

• "Three Gorges Project in China"
   - July 2012

Technical Papers
• "An Unorthodox Method of Bridge Construction"
   - JKR Journal, 1979.

• "Buku Panduan Rekabentuk Jambatan"
   - Unit Jambatan, Cawangan Rekabentuk dan Penyelidikan, Ibu Pejabat JKR,

• "Production of High Strength Concrete"
   - IEM Bulletin, May 1985.

• "Temporary Loads on Formwork for Multi-Storey Building Construction"
   - JKR Journal, 1985.

• "Establishing A Bridge Inspection and Maintenance System for JKR"
   - JKR Senior Officers' Conference, 1987.

• "Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Iskandar Bridge, Kuala Kangsar, Perak"
   - International Conference on Roads and Bridge Engineering, Kuala Lumpur,

• "Towards Evolving A Bridge Management System for JKR"
   - with C L Khoo and S K Ng at 6th Regional Conference of Road Engineering
     of Asia
and Australasia, Kuala Lumpur, March 1990.

• "The JKR Bridge Management System"
   - with S K Ng, Mohd Hashim S and Jasmani Z at 2nd Regional Conference
     on Computer Application in Civil Engineering, UTM Johor Bahru, Johor,
     November 1991.

• "Durability of Concrete Structure"
   - Commonwealth Engineering Council Continuing Education Seminar on
     Rehabilitation and Repair of Structures in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Kota
     Kinabalu, Sabah) and Brunei, 1992.

• "An Integrated Approach to Reinforced Concrete Design and Construction
   for Durability"
   - JKR Senior Officers' Conference, Melaka, 1992.

• "Durability of Concrete Structures and Engineering Assessment for The
   Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures"
   - Seminar in Mauritius and Kenya (Harare, Zimbabwe & Nairobi), Presented
     on Behalf of IEM, 1994.

• "The Construction of Jalan Ampang / Jalan Hulu Kelang Interchange, Middle
   Ring Road II, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Use of SOSROBAHU Bearing System"
   - with C A Neoh and L C Leong at International Conference on Highways
     Into The Next Century, Hong Kong, November 1996.

• "A Remedial Solution to The Foundation Failures of A High Bridge
   Embankment and Walls, Jambatan Kota, Klang, Selangor"
   - with C A Neoh at International Conference on Foundation Failures,
     Singapore, 12-13 May 1997.

• "Manual to Good Concrete Practice for Large Pour Concrete Construction for
   - Effect of Hot Weather and Production of Concrete"
   - REAM Road Structure Standing Committee, 2007-2009.

• "Manual on Bridge Asset Management - Durability and Protection; Bridge
   - REAM Road Maintenance Standing Committee, 2008-2010.
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A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
A Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

An Iconic Bridge in Kuala Terengganu
An Iconic Bridge in Kuala Terengganu

Three Gorges Project in China
Three Gorges Project in China

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